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May 12, 2012


Just put your answers in the comment section below. No answers will be posted until the winners are announced on the evening of Sunday, May 13! This is so much fun :)

1) Which of these animals is least like the others?

a) dog   b) mouse   c) lion   d) snake   e) elephant

2) Which number should come next after  2, 4, 16, 256, ?

a) 257    b) 16    c) 512   d) 65536  e) 2100400

3) What comparison is like the comparison of “finger to hand” using “leaf to …”

a) root    b) tree    c) branch   d) bloom    e) bark

4) Which word is most like the word “trustworthy”

a) resolute    b) relevant    c) insolent   d) reliable   e) obliging

5) Which number is the one missing in this series?  3, 6, 9, ??, 15, 18, 21

a) 11    b) 10    c) 14    d) 12    e) 13

6) Which item does not belong?

a) poem   b) novel   c) painting   d) statue    e) flower


Remember – answers and winners will be announced Sunday night, May 13!  Have fun:)

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