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Try Karate!
August 24, 2009

  • Learn the “Ready Stance.” Stand with your feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Keep your hands firmly in fist positions, right in front of your belt buckle, with your elbows bent.


  • Move from the “Ready Stance” into the “Front Stance.” Slide your right foot straight back, so that it’s behind you but still shoulder-width apart. As you do this, bend your left leg a little so that you’re knee is above your left foot.


  • Get your arms ready. While you’re in this stance, move your fists up toward your chin, with your left hand just a bit higher.


When you’re in this Front Stance position, you’re ready to try some simple punching and kicking.

To do a proper kick: With your right leg still behind you, first move your right knee forward and then kick your foot quickly. Don’t actually kick anything or anyone! But, if you pretend there is a wall in front of you, envision kicking it with the flat bottom, or ball, of your foot.

Did you know? Each level you learn in karate, you get a new colored belt! It’s like a way of showing off how many karate skills you have.

Did you try it out? Send us a picture or video of you trying and we’ll post it right here on iTwixie.


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