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Hey, Girls, Let's Play Golf
June 11, 2012

You are a perfect age to start this sport! Some of the top girl players in the country started just at your age. Here are two awesome players you can look up: Celia Kuenster and Cassie Deeg :)



Here is how to putt, which is the last step in any round of golf to get the ball in the hole:

With the ball on the ground, try to imagine a line from one spot (pretend it’s the hole) to you. This is “finding the line.” Once you see how the ball needs to roll, try this:

1. Grip the golf club (the “putter”), with both hands – your right hand below the left on the club. Lock your pinky fingers together. And line up your thumbs so they point toward the ground. This will help you make a smooth putt.

2. Lean over the golf club just a little, so that your eyes are looking down at the ball.

3. Keep your arms, wrists, and head straight and pointed down toward the ground, with your putter lined up right behind the ball.

4. Move both of your arms backward together, a few inches, then brush them forward to lightly push the ball toward the hole. The ball will roll farther, the more you bring your arms back. See the difference of taking the club back 3 inches and then 6 inches. That’s how you adjust the pace of the ball. Easy, right?


Invite some buddies to go play. Mini-golf is also great way to have fun practicing your new skill. Send us a picture or video of you practicing – we’ll post it right here on iTwixie!

To send in a picture, just email it to submissions@itwixie.com.


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