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Try Some Yoga!
July 4, 2011

There are many poses in yoga. iTwixie has the directions for “downward dog” in Tween Girls Do Yoga!


Today we are going to give the directions for the stork pose. This is a great way to increase your balance and strengthen your leg muscles.  AND its so fun!

The Stork Pose Technique

Stand tall with your legs and feet together.

Take 2 deep breaths and let each out slowly.

Lift your left knee and keep your left arm relaxed at your side.

Bend your right arm up at the elbow, then bend your hand at the wrist down. (your arm will look like a bird!)

Stand in this position and count to 10 slowly.

Now lift your right knee and bend your left arm at the elbow making the stork neck and head as before.

Count to 10 slowly. Be sure to breathe!


When you concentrate on the feeling of balance as you do this, your legs will get stronger and your balance will get better!







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