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These Field Hockey Drills Get Girls Fit
September 12, 2011

To warm up:


Simple jogging. Begin field hockey drills with some light and simple jogging. This may be done on the playing field, a track or a safe stretch of road. The time spent jogging is dependent on the individual level of fitness of each person. In every case, this will improve the level of play.

Hop, squat, run. Every ten paces of jogging, squat at the knees then propel yourself into a jump, getting both feet off the ground. Do these in 3-minute intervals. You’ll feel tired the first few sets, but within 2 weeks you’ll feel stronger!

For better ball-handling skills:

Aerial Dribbling Develop your hand-eye coordination with aerial dribbling. This technique helps you get your stick in line with the ball. To aerial dribble:

  • Use the basic grip (right hand at the base of the grip and left hand at the top).
  • Hold the stick in front and perpendicular to your body with its flat side facing the sky.
  • Place a field hockey ball on the stick. (Stick should be completely in the air and parallel to the ground.)
  • Tap the ball into the air with the flat side of you stick. How many times can you dribble?

Do you play field hockey? What an amazing sport!

Try these tips and tell us if you see a difference in your strength and skill in 2 weeks!

Want more tips? Just go to iTwixie’s iMActive’s Sports to see all of iTwixie’s sporting tips!  From tips on running, tennis, and soccer, to swimming, yoga and cartwheels, iTwixie’s always offering tips to help keep you performing your best in all kinds of sports!


Thanks to manmade.com and fieldhockey.isport.com for these field hockey drills!

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