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Try These Friendship Tips by Scuba!
April 27, 2011


By the way, I’m using the pronouns her , or she , but these tips apply to friendships with the opposite gender as well.
1. Be honest. This goes so many ways. Be honest about what you’re feeling. If something is going wrong in your friendship, you need to tell your friend. If there is a rumor circling about your friend, tell her! And don’t lie to her.

2. Listen. When your friend is trying to tell you something, listen!

3. Arguments happen. All friends fight. And it’s not the end of the world, or even your friendship. When you fight, you learn and grow closer. Don’t sacrifice your friendship because of a fight.

4. Secrets. They can be tricky things. When your friend tells you a secret, keep it. Unless someone could get hurt, then you need to tell a parent or trusted authority. If you hear a so-called “secret” about your friend, confront her (your friend). Ask her about it.

5. If the friendship is unhealthy, get away. If you walk away from a day with your “friend” feeling worse than when you came in, or if when your around her you feel bad and want to go somewhere else, then you need to talk to her about it. If she won’t listen, or replies rudely, then you need to get out. Stay away from the “friendship” for a while. Later, you might be able to confront her and talk a bit. You might become friends again.

6. Avoid gossip and rumors. They can hurt…badly. So, when they rear their ugly heads, stay away. If you hear something nasty about one of your friends, tell her right away.

7. Just kidding. When a friend makes a mean comment then says “just kidding,” it can hurt. This refers back to tip 5. When you do it, it can hurt. Avoid saying something mean and then saying, “just kidding!” Avoid it like the plague!

8. When you have something negative going on in your friendship, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ask a trusted adult.

9. Be yourself. When you’re around your friends, don’t put on different masks. Tell them what you’re feeling.

10. Promises. Keep them! When you promise something, keep it. The trust between you will grow.

I hope you like my friendship tips! If you want tips on anything, ask me on my wall. If no one requests a tip subject, I’ll come up with one! Blog ‘ya later!

*A Green Tween is a Cool Tween*


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