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Call for Halloween Fashion Show
October 26, 2012

rencontre centre du quebec rencontre evian franco-allemand This Week:

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Continued Songfreak is challenging you to

http://faithsmedicalservices.com/maljavkos/4528 1. have your parent or BFF take a picture of you in your costume

2. send the picture in to submissions@iTwixie.com

3. iTwixie will have a fashion show of all your costumes!

Going Here Last tf1 reportage site de rencontre Week: why not look here

You gave us these Zombie costume ideas!


1. What does a ZOMBIE wear? - old fashioned ripped up clothes with blood stains

2. What does a ZOMBIE’s face look like? - dullish gray, and her/his eyes would be dull(being dead greatly hurts your ability to focus on things), greenish tint, pale

3. How does a ZOMBIE move? - trance-like, and stiffly(being dead does NOT help), slowly and stiffly, being dead is not good. 


over at this website rencontre weight watchers brossard Are you in with the challenge? We would love to see your costumes :)

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