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Try This Script for Your Own Video!
November 1, 2012

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Try this script to make it easy to make your own In Her Shoes movie!

Remember, keep it short – like a minute and a half. Add some things of your own, if you’d like! Just be sure to NOT give us specifics like your first or last name, street names or address. Here’s how to upload a video!


  • Hi, my name is (use only your username!)
  • Here are 3 of my favorite things (have these ready and they can be anything – shoes, games, hats, pets, your room even) just be sure to NOT show us your address or anything really personal because we will not be able to approve it!
  • I love these special things because… (tell us why!)
  • Here is a look at my backyard (be sure nothing shows your address!)
  • This is my favorite snack (show a picture of your favorite snack and tell us if you make it, buy it or if someone makes it for you)
  • I’d love to… (travel, make my own store, be a designer, write a famous novel – whatever you would really like to do!)
  • Thank all the girls who are watching this and tell them something special you like about iTwixie! Bye for now:)


Next Week:

We will have a play you can present in video form. Are you ready to be an actress?

Ready to upload your In Her Shoes video?

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