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December 2, 2010

And check it out! Our new BFF, Julie, is catching tuco-tucos in Patagonia!

Where is Patagonia? Do you know? Choose your answer below and then check your answer here! Good luck!

Julie must catch and mark tuco-tucos to be able to tell them apart. This is a tedious job because it requires lots of time and patience. Tuco-tucos are very careful animals. They do not come out of their burrows if it is too windy. So Julie must be very careful to cover the string she uses to catch them with dirt. And she cannot get too close. Wow!

But at last, her efforts pay off, as you can see in the photo!

Photo Credit: Julie Woodruff

Julie is waiting patiently and holding the end of a noose until a tuco-tuco comes far enough out of the burrow to be caught.

Julie_holding_a_tuco-tuco in Patagonia
Photo Credit: Julie Woodruff

Success is sweet! Isn’t that tuco-tuco cute?

Check out this movie of adorable tuco-tucos.

Now, see if you know where Patagonia is!

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