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T.V Hero Roleplay by QueenBlaze and Phantom
September 29, 2012

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is free. Put whatever you want! 

Name: Danni Fenton
Hero Name: Danni Phantom
Personality: As Fenton: kind of quiet, shy, kind of distracted, serious, abrasive
As Phantom: Loud, out there, focused, brave, sarcastic, dare devil
Appearance: As Fenton: black hair, pale skin, medium height, blue eyes, 
As Phantom: silvery-white h air, tan skin, medium height, glowing green eyes, silvery-white glow
Style: As Fenton: blue jeans, plaid, untucked, but toned shirts, normal red and white tennis shoes, kind of messy, no make up
As Phantom: skin tight one-piece black jumpsuit, silvery-white gloves, silvery white boots
Age: 14

History: I was normal until about 6 months ago. See my parents hunt ghost and they built this portal to a place called the Ghost Zone. It didn’t work but when I stepped inside I pulled a trigger and it turned on. My DNA was fused with ghost DNA. I gained poets and they have been developing ever since. 
Powers:intangibility, invisablity, ecto-blasts from hands, flight, speed, strength, can change from human to ghost, ghost sense, I’m always gaining new powers so you never know when a new one will develop

Name: Pumyra 
T.V Show: Thundercats 
Age: 14 
Fur color: Brown, tan, and white. 
Weapons: Slings hot, agility, claws 
Personality: Loud, rebelious , slighty harsh, nice once you get 2 know her. 

Name: (Jamie) Logan 
Hero Name: Wolverine
Show: Wolverine (ウルヴァリン) 
Persona: Sarcastic, abrasive , slightly ignorant
Height: 6’ 2”
Skin: Light
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Short, dark brown
Build: Thin and muscular (if that makes sense)
Style: Male non-dress button-up shirts, jeans and combat boots. Rather messy
Powers: Three ademantieum claws in each hand, canine hearing, incredible healing, strength and agility, also has a canine sense of smell.

Name : Hanna
Age: 16
Height: 5’7″
Personality: bratty, sterotypical popular girl EXCEPT for when she’s with her closest friends. Then she’s much nicer. Doesn’t like sports. 
Apperance: Thin; layered, curly blonde hair just past her shoulders ; blue eyes
Style: expensive!, wears 3 inch heels almost constantly, skinny jeans or skirts and designer tops and bags or dresses
Story: Ever since my friend Alison went missing a year ago, I’ve been waiting for her return. My old friends and I drifted apart, and I worked my way into the popular crowd. It wasn’t too long ago that the cops found Alison’s body in her old backyard. Soon after I was getting omnious messages from someone who calls themself A. At Alison’s funeral, I got the message : I’m not dead. And I know everything -A        Spooky, huh?

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