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How to French Braid Tween Girl HAIR!
May 21, 2010

There are so many kinds of braids! There’s the herring bone braid, up-do braid, and the wrap-around-the-head braid, just to name a few! So let’s start with how to french braid…

iTwixie’s Tips on How to French Braid Tween Girl Hair

It’s easy! Just read these through and practice on your BFFs. You’ll be a pro in no time! Here’s a challenge for you to try: Make a video of you braiding your BFF’s hair and send it in to iTwixie! Can you do it? Good luck!

Before you get started, brush the hair through thoroughly so it’s nice and smooth. Then…

  • Take a 3-inch-long by 1-inch-wide section of hair just above the forehead or behind your BFF’s bangs. Make three even sections. Place the left section between the left index finger and thumb, place the right section between the right index finger and thumb, and let the middle section hang. Now, pull the right section over the middle section and place it between the left index and middle fingers.
  • Now pull a 1-inch-ish-wide section of hair across the head, toward the middle. Collect the middle section and pull the hair tight. The line of hair you collected for your french braid should lie flat and smooth.
  • Turn your left hand clockwise and move the section in between your left index and middle fingers to your right index and middle fingers. Pull the sections in your right hand and let go of the hair in your left hand.
  • With the left middle finger, pull another 1-inch-ish-wide section of hair across the head, toward the dangling section. Pull up the dangling section into the section to the left, holding it with your middle finger. Keep the hair organized and smooth.
  • Continue until your braid is complete. Add a pretty ribbon or hair tie at the end. Isn’t it beautiful?

Thank you, to our sponsor, Alterna Hemp with Organics Straightening Balm! It is a super light lotion that not only helps to create a pin-straight look, but it also provides protection against heat damage and strengthens and nourishes the hair. $19.


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