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Take iTwixie's: Girl, You're Worth It Challenge
September 14, 2010

Take iTwixie’s: Girl, You’re Worth It Challenge and see how you can make yourself feel extra fabulous. Know why? ‘Cuz YOU ARE WORTH IT!


Here’s the “You’re Worth It” Idea:

We all have some things that make us feel special. For some peeps it’s as simple as doing 10 push-ups in the morning. For others it’s having that day’s outfit hanging on a special hanger.

For you, it may be as simple as coming home from school to find your bed made with your special stuffed animal on your pillow.

Here’s the “You’re Worth It” Challenge:

  • Choose a little something-something that makes you feel special or organized.
  • Now, plan to do this one thing for yourself EVERY MORNING!
  • Do this little something-something for a whole week.

Remember, this is something that makes YOU smile. Don’t do it for your parents, your siblings or for your grandparents – do it because when you get home, just seeing your bed all tidy with your fave stuffed animal waiting for you on it, makes you feel a little happy, because Girl, You’re Sooooo Worth It!

Did it work for you? What did you do? Tell us all about it in the comments below:


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