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Luvinky Has a SHOUT OUT for U!!
October 10, 2010

You could come up with a list of organizations and girls could donate money to one of their choice! All the money that is donated has to be made by the girls donating it. Lets see how much we can donate and lets see how many different ways we can raise money by ourselves. Some ideas are

  • lemonade stand
  • bake sale
  • dog walking
  • babysitting

And whatever ideas you have! If each girl could donate a couple of dollars we could make a big difference!

I think that about every two months we should have something like this, where we donate money to different organizations. Also we could have girls volunteer with things. You could volunteer at a retirement home, your local soup kitchen, or anything else you could think of!

This is just a example but here is a great idea
At my old school in third grade we took a special field trip. We walked( instead of driving, yay we are helping the earth!) down to our local retirement home. We each got pared with a grandparent. We got to talk about different things and have fun, we then played bingo together and it was so much fun! We did this about three times and each time we got pared with someone else! I think this really gave them something to look forward and it brought up their spirits!

SO – what do you think iTwixie girls?

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What are YOUR ideas for how iTwixie Girls Can Make a Difference?

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