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October 31, 2010


We’ve been talking a lot on iTwixie about how to stand up to bullies and put a stop to bullying. It’s great! Here’s a way to keep bullying totally away and it comes to us from the ultimate victim of bullying. Rachel Scott died in a tragic, act of violence, the Columbine School shootings. She wrote and did so much before that tragic day — she is still changing lives.

So check this out. Are you up to her challenge? Here’s Rachel’s Challenge for you:

1) Look for the BEST in others.

2) Dare to Dream big dreams.

3) Choose positive influences in your life.

4) Use kind words, and do acts of kindness.

5) Start a chain reaction where you live.

Here is kewl video about her:

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Resource: Rachel’s Challenge


Will you take Rachel’s Challenge? Take this message to your school and tell us all about how you and your BFFs at school can make a difference together!

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