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October 1, 2011


Every single day in October will get you LOL! Know why?

1 Kick Off LOL October with Joke of the Day Club by iTwixieAdmin

2 Make a Difference by Making Someone LOL

3 Care 4 U and LOL

4 LOL Green Tween Nominations

5 LOL to Help Get through Some Sticky Situations

6 STEM LOL Challenges

7 Design Something to LOL!

8 More LOL Clubs

9 Write a Note that Makes Someone LOL

10 LOL and Get Strong

11 Vote for Green Tween of the LOL Month

12 What’s a Song that Gets You LOL?

13 Try this STEM LOL Project

14 Write Something that Gets Everyone LOL

15 Nominations for iTwixie’s LOL Blogger of the Month!

16 LOL Makes Everyone Happy

17 LOL & Cook with Your BFFs

18 Congratulate our LOL Green Tween of the Month

19 iTwixie Girls Around the World LOL

20 STEM Careers that Help People LOL

21 Vote for Writer of the LOL Month

22 Vote for iTwixie’s LOL Blogger of the Month!

23 Help Others LOL

24 LOL and Get Strong

25 Going Green and LOL

26 iTwixie Experts Host LOL Twixing

27 LOL for STEM

28 Cheers to Writer of the LOL Month!

29 Congrats to iTwixie’s LOL Blogger of the Month!

30 LOL and Make a Difference

31 Happy LOL Halloween!

Whew! That’s a lot of LOL! How do you like to LOL?

Here’s to it, iTwixie girl!

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