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July 3, 2011

From TV and radio to the internet and our fave hand-held gadget, media keeps us laughing, in touch with each other and in touch with the world. It rocks!


It’s also a challenge! Especially for girls.

Take iTwixie’s Media Savvy Quiz for Girls to see how media savvy you are!

1. TV and movie stars have perfect skin
True – they’re naturally perfect!
False – they wear makeup to hide any zit or ugly spots

2. Everyone on the internet is just who they say they are
True – no one lies online
False – you never know who someone really is online

3. Models aren’t like us because their hair is naturally amazing, always shiny, full and gorgeous and super long
True – that’s why they are models
False – models use fake hair, a lot of products to make their hair shiny and full, and have professional hair stylists and digital experts to make their hair look fabulous or use special digital effects to enhance what their hair looks like online and in magazines

4. Ads on TV, in magazines and online always tell the truth and are full of cool, useful information
True – I learn so much from every ad I see
False – some ads exaggerate what the product can do and make promises that no product could keep so I always think twice about the ads that I see to figure out if whether they are just trying to get me to spend my money on them or if they have a really good message for me

5. Everything I see on TV is real
True – it wouldn’t be on TV if it wasn’t real
False – a lot of what I watch on TV is made by people who get paid to say what they say and do what they do – so it’s all pretend and acting

Just click here to see the answers and find out your Media Savvy Profile!

Way to go, iTwixie girls! Stay Safe AND Happy online!

Way to rock your independence!

So, how did you do?

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