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Track Meet Eats
May 21, 2012

Use these tips to rock your next track meet:


Keep eating what makes you feel great – don’t try new, trendy foods on race day.

Drink small amounts of water all day long! A track star’s best friend is water… especially when it’s hot! Be sure to bring plenty, but drink often and in small amounts :)

Avoid the sugar! Sugary foods can make you feel energized and then tired — in just an hour! Keep your energy constant and feel great. Avoid sugary snacks and drinks during the meet.

Snack on healthful foods — a little at a time – so you can compete without a full stomach. Try cutting up fruits and vegetables and bring them in small containers. Some ideas for snacks are: carrots, celery, apples, grapes, cucumber, nuts, raisins and bananas (you do not need to cut up bananas!) Sandwiches cut into small pieces also work well!

Have a Great Meet and Don’t Forget to Eat!

Source: blurtit

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