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Twilight Inforcers Role Play by DarkAngelNikita and Phantom
October 27, 2012

her comment is here DarkAngelNikita’s

this content Name: Zelda Link Zimmerman resource Age: 21  Current Rank: Twilight Enforcer Alpha 
Height: 6’
Skin: Golden tan
Hair: Dark auburn, short and choppy (in a good way)
Eyes: Left hazel, right blue
Build: Muscular
Powers: Rapid healing, canine hearing and smell, enhanced agility, telekinesis (unable to fly with), enhanced strength
History: Oh. My history is nothing specia l, except I got to go to Earth once and go to school, there, for a year. I can’t believe the people of Earth don’t even know the world Mana exists. Other than that, Earth humans aren’t really that bad.

you can try this out

this page Phantom
Name: Night ‘Shade’ Polari
Age: 21
Current rank: Twilight Enforcer Alfa
Height: 5’9″
Skin: left half tan, right half green scales
Hair: black with white streaks; shoulder length
Eyes: left: blue, right : green; snake pupil
Build: muscular
Powers: altering appreance, hightened senses, control over reptiles, can talk to the dead, can create any weapon from anything…
History: I wasn’t really born. My normal half was. The other side was an expiriment. I don’t mind. I was bred to be a powerful Alpha and that’s what I am. When I visit the human world I use my powers to make them think I am all normal. Humans aren’t that bad but I can see why they need protection. What I see everyday would freeze them in fear.

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