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July 11, 2012

These are great books… so get busy, girls, and
Vote it.

The Arm of the Starfish By Madeleine L’Engle

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The Arm of the Starfish is about Adam Eddington, who makes the acquaintance of blond and beautiful Kali Cutter at Kennedy International Airport on his way to Portugal. He has no idea that this meeting will set into motion a chain of events he will be unable to stop!


Found By Margaret Peterson Haddix


Found is about this one, bizarre night, when a plane appeared out of nowhere and the only passengers aboard were THIRTY-SIX BABIES! As soon as the babies were taken off the plane, the plane vanished. Now, thirteen years later, two of those children are receiving sinister messages, and they begin to investigate their past.


Zita the Space Girl By Ben Hatke


Zita is the story of young Zita, who discovers a device that opens a portal to another place. Her best friend gets abducted, compelling Zita to set out on a strange journey from star to star in order to get back home.

Get voting, girls!

Be sure to check out the cool ReaderLogic reading lists you can use to read the most amazing books for girls ever written… whether you’re a New, Avid or Epic reader, iTwixie’s ReaderLogic has something amazing for you to keep reading and staying smart all summer long.


And check back next week to see which of these books we’re reading next! :)

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