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September 25, 2012


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This is Daisy at the dog park by KittySoftPaws!


Rosco by everythinghairstyles
Photo Credit: everythinghairstyles

This is my dog Rosco. He is 4 1/2 months old, and he is a Lab, Hound, Malamute mix. He is amazingly tolerant, and very lazy. Once, at the beach we buried him in the sand while he was trying to sleep, and he didn’t care! 


Kit by polkadots628
Photo Credit: foreverandever628

Here is is picture of my cat, Kit. We found her wandering around my house. She’s very friendly.


Bert by lifeliver166
Photo Credit: lifeliver166 

Hello, there! Here is my entry for the pet show! His name is Bert and he is a male cockatiel. He is my family’s pet!


Confetti by DarkAngelNikita
Photo Credit: DarkAngelNikita

Confetti wants a present, too!!


Photo Credit: an iTwixie Girl

This cute pet picture arrived without details!


Daisy the pup by KittySoftPaws
Photo Credit: KittySoftPaws

Daisy, this little puppy, had a LONG day… 


Each month, iTwixie’s puts on a pet show… a virtual pet show… and it’s the One & Only Virtual Pet Show in the WORLD! SO fun:)

Be sure to vote for your fave:

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