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June 13, 2012

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Between_Shades_of_Gray The_Fourth_Stall Three_Time_Lucky
Between Shades of Gray The Fourth Stall Three Times Lucky
By Ruta Sepetys By Chris Rylander By Sheila Turnage
Penguin Group USA HarperCollins Dial
Be inspired by this heartfelt story, told through the eyes of Lina, a young Lithuanian girl, who fights for her life and the honor of her family during the Soviet cleansing of the Baltic region in 1941. Get ready to laugh out loud, as imagination and quirk come together to create a hilarious story of the friendship and adventure of middle school boys who will stop at nothing to fix their classmates problems. Mo LoBeau, 11 year-old star of this heart-stopping story of Mo’s search for her birth mother. Murder, kidnapping, bank robbery, a hurricane, and more keep you on edge, yet soothed with a surprising Southern charm.


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