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August 8, 2011


Were you one of iTwixie’s Book Club winners?

Now which of these 3 books should we read next? Get voting! We’ll announce the winning book on Wednesday, August 10!

A Picture of the Ida_B_book for iTwixie_Tween_Girl_Book_Club
Ida B is happy to be homeschooled. Her heart shrinks and hardens into a sharp, black stone when she finds out she has to go back to regular school. Can she put together a plan to get things back to just-about perfect again?


Picture of the book Molly_Moon_for_iTwixie_Tween_Girl_Book_Club
Molly Moon finds an old book on hypnotism and discovers she can make people do whatever she wants, as a stranger watches her every move to try to steal her hypnotic secret.



Picture of the book Genius_Files_for_iTwixie_Tween_Girl_Book_Club
In eight days, these two are going to turn thirteen. Before they do, they’ll have to… well, if we told you here, we’d have to kill you.


To Browse Inside each of these books, just click on the picture. See which one YOU like best, and then VOTE! Thanks, HarperCollins Publishers!

We’ll announce the winning book next Wednesday, August 10 and then we’ll have another ALL DAY BOOK CLUB CELEBRATION on August 31.

Check out all THREE ways you can win prizes by reading this summer, with iTwixie’s Tween Girl Book Club, presented by HarperCollins! Good luck, girls! Get reading! Be sure to Check out all the fun we had with our last all day partay, right here on iTwixie!

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