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Vote for UR Fave GREEN TWEEN of the MONTH!
October 12, 2010

Check out our cool nominees:

Linz12 — “I ALWAYS do stuff for the world we live in!”

Hawkstar — “I always recycle, and when I can, I do whatever it takes to save our HOME!!”

luvinky — “I don’t just pick up trash and recycle and so on, I also help my school become more green and get recycling bins and every thing else we can do to save the environment!”

littleangel22′s BFF – my friend is a go greener cuz i went in the bathroom and said “u didn’t flush” then she sai d “go ontop of mine, save the earth”

daisha — “I am the person ur lookin for one time we went to the beach and it was sum pastic bgs on the sand and it said we have to clean this up bcuz if the baby turtles come to shore they will think it is a jellfish and they will eat it and get very sick and use less energy save more time so help clean up the envirment because yu aint the only one who lives on the earth.”

earthangel’s BFF — i nominate my best friend because she uses green materials as often as she can.

maplesyrupCast — “I recycle, plant trees, donate money to the planet every single morning, never use the lights, live in a completely 100% eco-friendly house, collect used bottle caps to use for art projects, collect rainwater to water my plants, instead of buying vegetebles I pick them fresh from my garden and more. That’s what you call green!”

p.s. I usually wish I lived in a tree.


Remember, the winner gets a cool iTwixie tote bag! Good luck girls!

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