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Vote for the Next iTwixie T-Shirt Design!
June 1, 2012


It’s EASY!:

Just read/look at the designs submitted. Then go to the bottom of the page and click in the circle where your fave is listed! How kewl is this :)

1) New Catchphrase: iLove iTwixie!  ~ Rawrr

2) It could have one rainbow stretching diagonally across it and getting wider as it goes up. Then, in the seven color bands, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and indigo, you can write the word: “iTwixie”. Then you have a colorful butterfly flying near the rainbow that says “Join the Revolution” and a smaller one that says ”iTwixie.com”.  ~ thinktank101

3) I think they should be hot pink with a sunshine in yellow and it should say, iTwixie.com is Summer fun!  ~ blueowl628

4) A drawing of a world with stick figure girls smiling and holding hands surrounding it! Sounds cool huh?
~ DragonBlade

5) It should be a tie dye design. Afterall it is the Best Friend colour for this month. The colours can be peaceful and fun colours which clash in a good way. ~ GeekZ

6) iTwixie Girls Rock the Planet ~ iTwixieAdmin

7) This t-shirt design  ~ jacmelgirl101


8)  This design ~ DarkAngelNikita


iLove iTWIX!!1  ~ macksweetie

We’ll have a week-long vote, right here, between the designs and ideas! Pretty cool, right? YOU COULD BE THE NEW iTwixie T-SHIRT DESIGNER! The new design will be announced next week on June 8.

AND THEN… Our very own Creativegenius will make the design look professional.

So vote! Good luck, iTwixie girls!

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