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Warriors Role Play Redux by thinktank101, Weekid, iscout & FantasticFrenzy
August 4, 2012
You must start as either Warrior, Queen, Elder, Apprentice, Kit, Deputy, or Leader of any Clan–feel free to also make up your own cats if no one else is in your clan. I’d appreciate it if some people were toms…that would be great. If you are maybe we could talk about leader/deputyship? Thanks! 
Here is Mine:
Name: Willowstar
Clan: ThunderClan
Position: Clan Leader/Queen
Appearance: lime green eyes, sandy fur, white stripes
Mother: ???
Father: ???
Brother/Sister: N/A
Mate: Darkpounce
Kits: newborn she-kit Pollenkit, newborn tom Stripekit
(NOTE: if you would like to be Darkpounce, Pollenkit, or Stripekit, let me know plz)
History: Became leader when old leader, Stumpstar, died; was deputy for long before that time. Born in old forest (this is more or less kinda soon after the Journey, just about the time at which they’d settled in), mother/father died during the journey. Mother’s close friend, Yellowfeather, took care of me for a while while I was still a kit on the journey. Yellowfeather died in lake territory.
Profile for Weekid:
Name: Skykit/ feather
Age: 5 moons
Looks: Gray/silver girl wi
th amber eyes.
Clan: Riverclan
Personality (optional)
Profile for Weretiger:

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Age: 6 moons 
Appenrance: Black female with purple eyes 
Clan: Shadow Clan  
Personality: Strong willed, fast, wicked sence of humor, loud, defiant, and good warrior. 

I love warriors! 

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