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Enjoy iTwixie's Talent Show! Ta Da!
January 21, 2012


Our First Act is a Wish Come True…

This song is an original, by bluezebra628. It’s sweet and fabulous. Enjoy! Maybe you’ll record yourself singing it to some melody that you create!


It’s a wish come true.

It’s a wish come true when someone hears the best of you,

And when you sing from your heart. A wish come true is like a dream come true,

so when your lipsinking, remember to sing from your heart.

It’s a wish come true when someone hears the best of you.

It’s a wish come true when you sing from your heart.

by: bluezebra628


Brava, bluezebra628!


Our Second Act is a special treat by trixiepixie, just for bluezebra628 and US!
Sit back and enjoy!

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And this concludes the iTwixie Talent Show! Woot woot!


Way to go! Stand up and cheer! And thank you for watching the iTwixie TALENT SHOW!

Do you have some talent you’ll share with your iTwixie peeps? Tell us right here!
We’ll announce our next iTwixie Talent Show as soon as we hear from YOU! :)

Thank you, girls, for these wonderful acts of talent! :) You rock.


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