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WIN ALL DAY TODAY for Reading "Ida B"
August 24, 2011


Find the questions in any of the five places below. The first girl to answer each question will win! But here’s the catch: the questions will appear ANYTIME ALL DAY LONG! Here’s where you’ll find ‘em… Good luck!

1) iTwixieAdmin’s blog

2) As a comment to this feature from iTwixieAdmin

3) On DiscoveryGirls blog

4) In the iTwixie News section

5)  iTwixieAdmin’s wall

All answers and winners will be announced on Saturday, August 27th. U Go Girls!

About Ida B:
Ida B is happy to be homeschooled. Her heart shrinks and hardens into a sharp, black stone when she finds out she has to go back to regular school. Can she put together a plan to get things back to just-about perfect again?

You can read the whole book FREE right here on iTwixie! Just click on the picture! Thanks, HarperCollins Publishers!

And remember, there are THREE ways you can win prizes by reading this summer, with iTwixie’s Tween Girl Book Club, presented by HarperCollins Publishers! Good luck, girls! Get reading!

So, tell us, how are YOU liking Ida B?


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