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November 30, 2011


“Haii!! I had an extra credit assignment for school to make a commercial using propaganda, and this is my commercial!!! Hope ya like it ;) I luv all of Rick Riordan’s books by the way :D Baii!!!” -pussinbootsmeow

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Thanks, pussinbootsmeow, for this great idea!

Can you make a commercial for Mackenzie Blue by Tina Wells?

Plot teaser: When Mackenzie Blue, or Zee, as she likes to be called, enters Grade 7, she knows it will be a hard adjustment. Not only is she going to brand-new school with brand-new teachers and classmates she doesn’t know, Zee’s best friend in the world, Ally, recently moved away to France.

Just get your commercial in by December 12. We will publish them all right here on iTwixie and start a vote on December 14 to find the winning Tween Girl Book Club Commericial! Kewl, right?

The winner will be announced on December 21 and will get a cool pocket journal!

Have fun making YOUR commercial, iTwixie girl!

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