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Water Challenge
May 5, 2009

Take the iTwixie Water Challenge

  • Each day for the next week stop at every water fountain you see and take a drink.
  • Challenge your friends to do the same thing.
  • At the end of the week see if you notice any changes in your body

When you start feeling a difference, come back and take our poll!

What’s the deal with water?

  • Helps to keep your skin looking clear and healthy by removing toxins from your body that can cause acne breakouts
  • Helps your body regulate temperature – too hot or too cold? – drink some water!
  • Maintains muscle tone and makes your skin look clear and healthy
  • Even reduces headaches

A friend told me that after a back massage she was told to drink a lot of water – why?

Water helps wash away acids from your muscles that are released during a massage

How much water should I drink?

  • Take your weight and divide in half.
  • If you weigh 100 lbs you would need to drink 50 ounces (over 6 cups).

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