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Why R U Thankful?
November 25, 2010

If you’re in the USA, take some time this Thanksgiving to tell all your family and special friends why you are thankful for them. It might make your holiday even more special!



And now, tell your iTwixie peeps why you thankful. On iTwixie’s Twixing this week, we started this list. Add your reasons right here in the Comment Section below!


iTwixie wants to THANK YOU, iTwixie girls far and near, for making iTwixie the best place on the planet for tween girls! iTwixie girls are the coolest girls in the world. And everyone at iTwixie is so thankful for YOU!

Why We Are Thankful by iTwixie girls

  • that our eyes are in our heads
  • for our pets
  • I am thankful for my friends and family, my pets and all the food I have.
  • I am thankful for itwixie and tecnology
  • Im thankful 4 my cat when he dosent beg 4 food,but most of te time,im thankful 4 him
  • i’m thankful that i can run – i luv running!
  • OMG!We hav the best ice cream in RI
  • I know, the post office, the market, ice cream, lots of shops, a school (not mine), um and lots of restraunts
  • yeah,we hav Searles,the ice cream factory,the inside scoop,hill top creamery,cold stone… mmmmm
    ColdStone, Red Robins, and scoop are all near us
  • ohyeah,at venda raviolli they hav gelato
  • I am thankful for giggling…
  • Im thankful 4 U, my family
  • my friends, food, beaches, fun

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