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Welcome to iTwixie's Virtual Pet Show for FAB FUN February!
February 28, 2012


Photo Credit: thinktank101

Hi, I’m thinktank101 and this is my entry for the Virtual Pet Show! Her name is Boots, she is two years old. She was so tired that day that I had to hold her head up with my foot!

Photo Credit: gogreen

Here is a pic of my 2 new baby turtles!!!! they are Mississippi map turtles (like Kermit, but a different sub-species) and they are SO UBER CUTE!!!!!!! BTW Sandy is the turtle looking at the camera, and Purple is running away from it! LOL!!!!


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This is my dog, Maggie Sue, being silly.

Special Mention for Kermit:
Photo Credit: Gogreen

This is not a pet show entry but a tribute picture to an awesome pet that just died! Her name is Kermit and she is a female mississippi map turtle. She didn’t even turn a year old b4 she died. This is her coffin, which i decorated with our families names (top of lid), a heart (inside of lid), flower petals (in box), and a leaf from her plant that was kept in her tank (in box). Rest In Peace special Kermit!


Thank you for your virtual pet entries! Next week on March 6, 2012 we will vote for the winner of iTwixie’s Virtual Pet Show for FAB FUN February! ! Isn’t it fun to see ur iTwixie BFFs’ pets?

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