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What Color is Best for YOU?
May 30, 2010


Do you notice that some colors look fab on you and others are just ok? That’s because the colors you choose to wear do amazing things for you every day! They help…

  • show off your fab hair color
  • make your eyes sparkle even more
  • bring out the color in your skin and lips
  • brighten your mood

Every day, whether you know it or not, you’re expressing yourself in color!

Next week we’ll give you a quick quiz to determine what colors look best on you. Sound fun? To get ready, look in the mirror this week and think about…

  • How does green look on you? Green goes great with red hair.
  • What does a light pastel look like with your hair? Brown hair usually looks great with pastels.
  • Do you love how your eyes look when you wear gray? Grayed blue looks fab with clear blue eyes.
  • Accessories can bring out your own features, too! Think about an emerald green scarf with green eyes. Nice, right!?
  • Do some colors, like off-white or olive green seem to make your skin look yellow? Sallow skin looks more yellow when purple is worn, too.
  • Do you like to match your hair? Bright rust looks great with auburn hair. Bright yellow rocks with blonde hair.

Do you notice other cool ways that colors look good on you? Tell us right here!

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