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What do YOU do in these Sticky Situations?
March 16, 2010

What would you do in these 3 sticky situations? Ever happen to you?

Sticky ONE

You win your basketball game but your BFF is on the other team. She’s mad. You…

a) Say great game and give her a high five.

b) Avoid her, ‘cuz who wants to deal with that?

c) Say sorry you lost.

Sticky TWO

Your older cousins start talking about this cool site that you know your parents wouldn’t allow you to visit, you…

a) Watch and take notes.

b) Peek, feel uncomfortable and then sneak away.

c) Walk away and ask your aunt to play another game with you.

Sticky THREE

You see an ad about how to get skinny using X, you…

a) Write down how to get X.

b) Ask you parents to buy X.

c) Laugh, ‘cuz you know it’s not all about being skinny and those peeps have it totally wrong! It’s all about feeling great, strong and being your all-powerful self!


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