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Hurricane Isaac or a Tornado?
August 30, 2012

http://kopuamonastery.org.nz/felmor/6464 This picture is of a hurricane, like Hurricane Isaac. It’s huge! Our friends at abcnews.com inspired us to think about which destroys more: a hurricane or a tornado?

http://www.capacuras.com/?rtyt=rencontres-amoureuses-ucpa&3ef=58 See what you think!

http://sevenhillsglass.com.au/?mikstyis=site-de-rencontre-maghrebin-gratuit-en-france&f99=f9 First, read these 5 facts. In the comments below, list the # and tell us if you think it’s talking about a hurricane (H) or a tornado (T). Everyone who answers will have a chance to celibataire tunisie rencontre win a Blog Post written by iTwixieAdmin!

Bonuses 1. We measure this kind of storm in meters rather than miles, because it’s smaller.

pop over to this site 2. This storm system has crazy fast winds, going up to 300 miles per hour.

3. A storm like this lasts for days rather than minutes.

site de rencontre ado 71 4. This storm appears flat because it covers so much area.

http://adetacher.com/misroe/jisdr/1910 5. This storm is found over land areas only.


Hurricanes and tornadoes are both serious storms. They can both cause a lot of damage. But one is larger, lasts longer and moves slowly. The other develops quickly, usually travels a smaller area, and has fierce winds.

So, which one do you think causes the most damage?

Be sure to check back on Sunday for all of your answers, the correct answers, poll results AND the winner of a blog post by our own, iTwixieAdmin! Good luck, girls! See you back here on Sunday, September 2!  


Special thanks to abcnews.com!


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