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What Is Beautiful?
May 6, 2009

So what did you think of the picture above?

What do you think is beautiful?

Ok. You could just say there is beauty in everything in our universe. I agree. But really, isn’t it all in how you choose to look at it?

How do you think about beauty? Is there beauty in ugly things? And ugliness in beautiful things?

Maybe real beauty is something that is unique to only you.

Who are “the most beautiful people in the world?”

Is it all about physical beauty?

Think about this

So, physical beauty has a lot to do with your genes — you know, the stuff inside you that makes you look like your parents and your parents’ families – it has very little to do with what you do every day.

Well, at least to an extent. How active are you? How strong are you? What do you choose to eat and drink? These are ways you can keep your physical body looking strong and healthy.

And only you can really take care of your body day after day.

What about inner beauty?

We all hear about it. But what is it all about?

Think about the stuff that comes from your head and heart.  Your values.  Things like achievement, honesty, self respect, trust, friendship,”doing the right thing”, community, creativity, fairness family, independence.  Maybe these are the kinds of things that make up our inner beauty.

And, maybe, if you think about it, it’s beautiful too.  What do you think?

You get to choose how you live out your values – one good friend, a bunch of kinda good friends, silly times and serious times.  Only you can decide how you treat yourself and other people.  Sometimes, putting too much value on physical beauty ends up not feeling very good.

Each of us has a very big job.  Each of us must find out what is beautiful about us.

What’s beautiful about you? Me? Our friends? Once we figure that out, we’ve got to try and celebrate all these different kinds of beautiful.

Try taking my test.  It’s simple and fun. Maybe it’ll help you figure out what’s beautiful about you.  And what’s kinda beautiful about people all around you.  Try it!

Five Beautiful Physical Characteristics ABOUT YOU!

You know, like your eyes.






Five Inner Beauty Characteristics ABOUT YOU!

So, like how you might try and treat everyone with kindness (even people that bug you, that’s really hard) or maybe you like to help people in need.






Now take a moment and read over this list. Share it with someone you care about… Maybe your bff… Your mom… Your dad… And if you feel like it, send it to us!

But first, think about this: Is there anyone as beautiful as you?

Send in your list to SuzieQ@iTwixie.com so we can check out how beautiful we ALL are!

LYLAS (you know, love ya like a sister!)


Photo credit: brenbot

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