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Why Your Tweens Must Read this Summer Vacation!
June 13, 2011

iTwixie’s month of June is all about “Tween Musts” for the best summer ever. We are proud to work with HarperCollins*tweens as our presenting sponsor of iTwixie’s Tween Girl Book Club — the only online tween girl book club on the planet! We’re working together to offer your daughter a summer full of reading, because we’ve learned that summer reading has a positive impact on our girls!

The researchers from John Hopkins University and authors of “Lasting Consequences of the Summer Learning Gap,” point out that children who read over the summer break are more likely to complete high school or college. It’s a simple point, really: It’s good for kids to read during summer vacation!

That’s why HarperCollins*tweens and iTwixie have put together a set of three programs that will not only engage tween girls at three distinct levels, but will do so in a way that is just too fun to miss! Check it out:

iTwixie hosts the only online Tween Girl Book Club and is delighted to have added a few flourishes thanks to HarperCollins*tweens, our amazing sponsor.


  • HarperCollins*tweens will provide 3 book titles with Browse Inside links so that girls can review each selection prior to voting. This process will repeat every 4 weeks through the summer months, so that the girls will end up choosing 3 books over the summer to read together. And to cap it off, iTwixie will host a Tween Book Club Discussion Day with contests, games and lots of prizes!


  • HarperCollins*tweens and iTwixie have collaborated to challenge girls 14 or over to Savor Sixteen Summer Selections for a chance to win a mystery book package, with books that no one has even been able to buy yet!


  • HarperCollins*tweens and iTwixie have come up with a fantastic program to inspire older and younger girls alike. It’s called “iTwixie Girls Read to ME” and showcases iTwixie’s amazing iTwixie Experts on video, reading a different picture book aloud each week on iTwixie. The first 25 girls to turn in a certificate with a parent’s signature saying that she’s heard all 13 books read aloud to her will get a copy of a pictured book signed by iTwixie’s Founder, Rebecca!

iTwixie and HarperCollins are excited for all the ways these programs will enhance summer learning, leading to greater success now and in the future for iTwixie girls.


Research source: Alexander, K., Entwistle D., & Olsen L. (2007). “Lasting Consequences of the Summer Learning Gap.” American Sociological Review. no. 72, 167-180.

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