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What to Bring to be the Best Babysitter in YOUR Neighborhood!
July 29, 2011


Just reading this feature for the first time? No worries! You can still make this gorgeous tote:

Now, here’s the list of cool things to keep inside your Tween Babysitter Tote:

  • Bubbles. Every kid, tiny to elementary school age (even tweens!) loves to make bubbles. They are an “instant happy” and can turn tense moments when a child misses her parents or is tired and grumpy, into smiling moments
  • Your favorite picture book. When you share something you love, you’ll bring a natural enthusiasm that will help you bond with a child you’re babysitting… you’re letting them see a little more about you.
  • A sketch pad. Just like bubbles, drawing on blank paper brings out the silliness and imagination in everyone, even if you can’t draw well. It’s just fun!
  • Small note pad. As the night goes on, write little notes on this small pad and tell the child that you’re writing your report for the parents. Make sure to jot a few things here and there, and then share with the child all of the positives from the night, right before it’s time for you to go or put the child to bed. The child will want to behave better – to see you write those good things down – and will love hearing  the list of great things she did!
  • Your favorite markers or colored pencils. Again, here’s a great way to let them get to know you.
  • A small, empty perfume bottle. If there’s a fear that the child has of the dark, a light, a noise or anything that’s concerning him, use this empty perfume bottle to “spray” whatever it is away. Like magic!
  • 3 small toys. Hide these toys for the child to find – like a scavenger hunt! It’ll keep you both busy, laughing and having a ball.
  • A small stuffed animal. In case the child gets sad for any reason, have this small stuffed animal on hand for her to hug.
  • Your favorite movie. Sharing things you love will bring a special bond between you and the kids you babysit. What else could you share?

Thanks again, Antipodas, for this terrific tween babysitter tote bag tutorial! What else do YOU think a great babysitter should bring to be the Best Babysitter in YOUR Neighborhood?

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