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Who is Your Hero?
February 15, 2012


This week, we want to know what YOU think about:

1) What is a hero?

2) Do you have a hero? Can you tell us about your hero, if you have one?

3) Who is Valli’s hero?

Check out what your peeps answered to last week’s questions by clicking here!


Have fun reading No Ordinary Day! It’s time to get ready for iTwixie’s Book Club Partay by finishing this book. The partay will be on February 29 and there will be fun games and prizes for all. Don’t miss out!

Here is what one tween girl, Faith McPhee, says about this book:

No Ordinary Day by Deborah Ellis is a brilliant novel, detailing the events of Valli’s adventures in Kolkata, India. Valli is a courageous girl who finds herself on a journey of independence, taking with her only her spirit and a pair of “magic feet.”

What do U think, iTwixie girls? Can U do it?

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