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Who WON Writer of the Month for March 2012?
April 6, 2012


Now we are announcing the winner for iTwixie’s March 2012 Game ON Writer of the Month ! KEWL:) Congratulations to blueowl628!

Here is the winning entry:

Spring is usually my fave time of the year! This Spring is not like any other Spring I have ever experienced because it’s 80 degrees outside! Not normal weather for March. I’ve got stung by a bee, twisted my ankle, and just found out some of our crazy relatives are coming to stay with us because their air conditioner is broke! I hope they aren’t going to have to sleep in my room… I don’t want to think about that right now. Oh, I just got a text from my BFF! It says: I am leaving vacation tomorrow! I might come over later to say bye! TTYL! Here is my text back to her: No fair! This is going to be the worst spring break ever!
~ blueowl628

Great job, EVERYONE!
Stay tuned. Next month’s Writer of the Month will start on April 20! SO fun!!

Here’s How Writer of the Month Works:
Every month, iTwixie will post the beginning of a paragraph for you to finish. Anyone who wants to send in a paragraph can! Then, one week later, the first 12 paragraphs are showcased with a vote. The winner is announced the following week. The winner gets a kewl writer’s journal! Fun, right?

Check out all of this month’s entries right here. Great job, girls!

You all ROCK! :)

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