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Why Should U GO Green? by lulululu01
December 7, 2010


If you do something small, such as even throwing a wrapper on the ground, that will affect the rivers in the future and make them more polluted, affect the air in the future, and make the future look dirtier. It’s pretty amazing huh?

And if you, say, leave the light on in your room when you go and use the bathroom, you are polluting the air because of the oil burners that make the energy. Oil burners burn oil and create puffs of smoke that go up through your local smoke stacks. So even leaving your light on can pollute the environment!

Come on guys! Use the natural light; in other words just leave your curtains open. That will save the future from being more polluted.

Or, if you go to large hardware stores like Rona, or Kent then you can get a solar powered light that is around 10-40 dollars! That will save alot of smoke from going in through the smoke stacks. And it will save money from your parents’ power bills!

Also, when I put *Go Green From lulululu01!* I mean it! When someone saw that on a comment I made on her blog, she said “LOL on that last sentence” I don’t mean to be rude. All I’m saying is just try to save energy and try not to litter!

*Go Green From lulululu01!*

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