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Here's iTwixieAdmin's Review of the HarperCollins Teen Thriller, "The Last Apprentice"
July 9, 2011

Here’s iTwixieAdmin’s Review of The Last Apprentice by Joseph Delaney

Do you like scary stories around the campfire? I do! “The Last Apprentice” is one of those kinda spooky and scary stories that’s just a classic. In this chilling thriller, Thomas Ward agrees to learn to become a “spook!” His job will be to control bad witches and boggarts. Can Tom do the job? Does he really want to? You will have to read the book to find out!

Which book are you reading? Write a review in the comments below or send it in to info@itwixie.com! We’ll feature it right here next week!


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All About iTwixie’s Summer Reading Challenge, presented by HarperCollins!
HarperCollins and iTwixie challenge YOU to Savor Sixteen Summer Selections before the summer ends. If you can be one of the first 25 to finish all 16, you’ll get a prize!

And the prize is super special: hot off the press books, that no one has even been able to buy yet! You will get to read what the big time NYC reviewers get to read FIRST! How kewl is that?

When you have read all 16 books, just have your parent or guardian sign this certificate and send it in to iTwixie Inc., PO Box 85, Allison Park, PA 15101, and we’ll send you an early-release copy of one of HarperCollins’ brand, new books. Click here to download the certificate.

Just click here for Official Rules and Regulations.

Here are the 16 books you must read to win. Just click on each picture to read a few pages of each book. Good luck!

Vampire_Rising_by_Alex_Van_Helsing_book jacket for tween gilrs


The_Amanda_Project_by_Amanda_Valentino_and_Melissa_Kantor for iTwixie Tweens


Fat_Vampire_by_Adam_Rex for iTwixie tween girls


Fly_By_Night_by_Frances_Hardinge book jacket for iTwixie tweens


The_Shifter_by_Janice_Hardy, a book jacket for tween girls



Mistwood_by_Leah_Cypess, a book for iTwixie tween girls


book jacket for Paranormalcy_by_Kirsten_White for iTwixie's Tween Girl Book Club


The_Poison_Diaries by Maryrose Wood, an iTwixie tween girl book club choice


The_Faerie_Path_by_Trewin_Jones, a book choice for tween girls on iTwixie.com


The_Secret_Life_of_Ms._Finkleman_by_Ben_H._Winters, a picture of the book cover for iTwixie girls


Vampire_Kisses_by_Ellen_Schreiber as one of iTwixie's Tween Girl Book Club summer book selections


book jacket of Viola_in_Reel_Life_by_Adriana_Trigiani for iTwixie's Summer Reading Challenge


Voices_of_Dragons_by_Carrie_Vaughn_a summer reading selection for iTwixie tween girls




Wings_by_Aprilynne_Pike, a book selection for iTwixie's Summer Reading challenge


Check out all THREE ways you can win prizes by reading this summer, with iTwixie’s Tween Girl Book Club, presented by HarperCollins! Good luck, girls! Who’s gonna finish first?


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