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Winning Role Play Cast by Nanafofanna
March 12, 2011


  • Sierra Black – Sierra is tall with long, straight blonde hair to her waist. She has bright blue eyes and she  was a favorite from the beginning.
  • Blake Lewis – Blake is medium height with blonde hair so light it’s almost white. He has dark brown eyes, and all though he has messed up sometimes, the judges think he has an amazing voice. He auditioned when he was 22, but he turned 23 during Hollywood week.
  • Mia Brown. Mia has bright red hair to her shoulders and brown eyes. She has a fun, playful personality and loves to perform. She is 18 and auditioned once when she was 16.
  • Jake Ross. Jake is short with thick blonde hair and surprising green eyes. He’s 25, and he has the best voice of all, but he always puts himself down.
  • Alexis Graham. (17) Alexis has brown hair to her shoulders and bright blue eyes. She’s shy, and has a sweet voice, but she can surprisingly sing out!
  • Brandon Anthony. (20) Brandon was the boy next door when he auditioned, but when he gets on the stage he lights it up. He looks like Kris Allen, with brown hair flipped up in the front, and brown eyes.
  • Chloe May. (17) Chloe is very short, and she has blonde hair to her chin. She has bright green eyes, and for being short, she has a very strong voice.
  • Logan Durbin. (22) Logan is medium height with brown hair and brown eyes. He has an amazing voice, but he’s the funny one. He always makes everyone smile. (Picture him as Logan from Big Time Rush!)
  • Jennifer Marianno. (17) Jennifer is in it to win it! She may be only 17, but her voice is powerful and strong. Her hair is to her elbows, and it’s a mixture of blonde and brown. She has big brown eyes and she’s a favorite of the judges.
  • Caleb Sona.(15) Caleb barely made it through; he’s 15 and short, but he has the sweetest voice. He has short brown hair and hazel eyes. He was almost sent home in the Top 14, but he made it to the Top 12!
  • Megan Yates. (23) Megan is medium height with black hair to her shoulders. She has bright blue eyes, and she almost went home with Caleb in the Top 14. She’s 22, and tried out 2 times before she made it in.
  • Kyle Oliver. (22) Kyle wasn’t very noticeable in Hollywood week, but when he made it to the big stage everyone remembered him. He’s a rocker, and he wears clothes like James Durbin. (He’s on this season in real life)
  • You can also be a judge. The 3 judges are:
    Carrie Yola. Garrett Hansen. Sam Brown. (You choose if Sam is a boy or a girl!)
    Make up these peoples pasts! And roleplay their lives on American Idol! Have fun!! :)

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