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January 20, 2011

Do Girls Have a Better Sense of Touch Than Boys?

Here’s the feature right here… check it out!

painted hands of different sizes
Photo Credit: suchitra prints


Can you feel more detail with your hands than your brother or dad?  Are girls just better with their hands?

As it turns out, it is not whether you are male or female that determines how well you can feel things with your hands. The number of touch sensitive cells — you know, the cells that give us the sense of touch — are about the same for everyone.  The closer they are to each other, the better the sense of touch.  SO smaller hands are more sensitive than larger hands. Because girls usually have smaller hands than boys, girls usually have a better sense of touch than boys.

Are you surprised? The scientists who did this study were! How cool is that?

Do you want a really soft scarf?  Maybe you should ask the person in your house with the smallest hands to pick one out for you.


Source: Phillips, Melissa Lee. (2009, December 18). Hand Size — Determines Sense of Touch.  ScienceNow Daily News.

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