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Winning Writer for November
November 30, 2012

Congratulations to all about radiocarbon dating ,  http://www.handpickedvillas.net/malkinos/3391 iTwixie’s Writer of the Month for November 2012:  his comment is here  Way to go! blog site rencontre gratuit  gets a writer’s journal from our friends at Compendium. 

find this  just send your mailing address to Info@iTwixie.com with your username and what you won! Your journal will be on its way in no time.

Here is her entry: 

rencontres amicales 85 description   click now I walked into school the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I couldn’t believe how everyone at school was just going around like we weren’t about to have a five day weekend. Suddenly, on the intercom, the principal announced…t Continue hat we were going into lock-down! I couldn’t believe it! This totally ruined the happy vibe that I had a few seconds ago. I walked into my homeroom and clustered into the corner with the rest of my class. As we sat there, I realized that someone was trying to get my attention, someone outside. I waved my hand at the mysterious person to let them know I saw them. That turned out not to be such a good idea, because the person smashed his fist through the window. I was trampled as my class ran, screaming out of the room. As I started to get up, I noticed that a man was hovering over me, holding a box. He handed me the box, and disappeared out of the room. I opened the box to find a card that said “Happy Thanksgiving, Daughter!” and a slice of turkey. I never saw that man again. ~ 


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And here’s a big thank you to our friends at Compendium, for providing one of the coolest writing journals for  our Writer of the Month! You are going to love it. 

And, GREAT JOB EVERYONE! Do you want to try to win iTwixie’s Writer of the Month? Stay tuned. Next month’s Writer of the Month will start on December 21! SO fun!!

Here’s How Writer of the Month Works:
Every month, iTwixie posts a writer’s prompt. It’s just the beginning of a story for you to finish. Then, one week later, the first 12 paragraphs that get sent in are showcased in a special article with a vote. The winner is announced the following week. The winner gets a really cool writer’s journal! Fun, right?

Check out all of this month’s entries right here. Great job, girls! You are amazing writers!

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