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Would U Want to Live in the Middle Ages?
May 18, 2011


1. You are always protected from enemies.(unless you were a knight)

2. Nothing is polluted yet.

3. You get to enjoy tournaments.

4. Horses is/was an awesome form of transportation.

5. You get a lot more pets then you do now.

6. The dresses were beautiful.

7. Sometimes for feasts they would have birds fly out of pies for entertainment.

8. If you were a slave you wouldn’t have to go to school.

9. If you were a noble you get to live in a castle!

10. You could rule a huge piece of land!



1. If you were a noble you only took a bath twice a year! Ewwwwww!

2. No Power (electricity, plumbing, A/C, heating, ect.)

3. No cars, air planes, buses, trains, ect.

4. No clean water(they had to drink wine, even kids)

5. No museums, restaurants,  and amusement parks.

6. No cell phones.

7. No T.V.

8. You couldn’t go from a slave to a noble or a king. If you were born a slave then you are always a slave for the rest of your life. If you were born a king or a noble you would always be a king or a noble.

9. You had NO freedom

10. No iTwixie!!!!!! LOL


by Winterclaw

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