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Need Help With YOUR Blog?!
October 27, 2010

It’s so fun and easy! Just do this:


  • Start writing about stuff YOU care about!
  • Need some ideas? How about this… do you have a pet? Write about the bird! Do you love to play basketball? Tell us why and how we can love it, too! Are you into getting cooking? Give us some tips! Do you write all kinds of stuff? Fill your blog with your writings, from songs, contests and stories, to reports and tips on being organized. It’s all about YOU.
  • Keep ur blog up-to-date, with the seasons, the holidays and big news in ur life!
  • Write on other iTwixie girls’ walls and tell them about your blog!
  • Read other blogs and write comments on them, and then you’ll get other girls to want to read your blogs, too. Getting comments on your blog is the best, right! So give ur peeps a comment and they’ll give one to you, too. It’s so fun.

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