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Finish this Mystery…
June 6, 2012


Case Closed? by Susan Hughes shows how science solves mysteries… but after reading it, don’t you have more mysteries on your mind?

Here’s your challenge, if you choose to accept it:

Write YOUR mystery here! We’ve given you a prompt from the Case Closed. Check ‘em out. Add your own details to create a new mystery. Every paragraph you write enters you into a drawing for a copy of Susan Hughes newest book, The Island Horse! The more entries you write… the greater your chances to win! And get this… tonight on iTwixie’s Twixing, we’ll ask the author to sign them, too! Woot woot!

3 winners will be chosen by a random drawing and will be announced on Sunday, June 10. Have fun:)

1) When we I saw the lost city of Ubar for the first time, I noticed an unusual kind of cart. These people must have visited other places. But where? I gasped when I uncovered a slab of stone, etched with a map of a nearby town…

2) Anna Anderson convinced hundreds of people that she was the missing princess, Anastasia. In fact, she died wearing a dress that…

3) Sonar helped us find where the INS Dakar was headed. But the path was strange. It led straight to…


Want more ways to win? Check out Match and Win!

Good Luck Girls!

Check back on June 10 for the winners of this last set of challenges!

Thanks for the terrific book ideas, National Science Teacher’s Association! You rock!


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