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You Are Beautiful, Just the Way You Are – Pass it On!
March 6, 2011

Leave a sticky note message somewhere another girl will find it. The message is positive and short; you are beautiful! Some iTwixie girls are already doing this. Can there ever be too many operation beautiful notes to find? Take a minute and write out a few! You will be so glad you did.


Another way to spread a positive message to random strangers is through iTwixie’s Secret Agent Mission: Will You Take It? This mission is intended for any person who might find it. It can range from a sticky note to a small package of goodies. In every case, the idea is to leave your gift in a public place as a random act of kindness.

It feels great to be kind to someone who cannot pay you back because she/he does not know who you are!

Here is a MAD idea! You can share your stories right here:

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