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You Can Give DOUBLE with Schoolbags for Kids
December 19, 2011

Photo Credit: Schoolbags for Kids

Your daughter will love her new schoolbag almost as much as these kids love theirs. Your daughter will feel like you care about her enough to give a cool, Schoolbags for Kids bag… AND these kids will feel special that you cared about them, too. It’s like a DOUBLE GIFT! Here’s how it works:

Each bag is $59. That’s it! For $59, your daughter will get a kewl bag and then Schoolbags for Kids will send a schoolbag just like it, but that’s FULL OF SUPPLIES, to the school you choose. How kewl!

Just click on Schoolbags for Kids to learn more or to buy a bag!

You could choose to send a Schoolbags for Kids bag to Ambergris Caye, Belize. That’s where these kids live. Belize is in Central America. Ambergris Caye is an island off its coast and is famous for snorkling and diving. When they are really young, kids here learn to swim!

iTwixie is thrilled to help bring these cool, fun and really well-made schoolbags to you so girls who need them around the world can get one, too. Thanks, Schoolbags for Kids, for your great work!





Here’s to the smartest, savviest and coolest girls in the world… iTwixie girls! YOUR GIRLS ROCK!

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