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Your Daughter Can Enjoy Studying with Flashcards Deluxe
November 30, 2011

Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks


Now your daughter can make her own, cool, digital flashcards with Flashcards Deluxe and have fun studying!

Flashcards Deluxe makes studying fun so your daughter can get better grades.

Even experts at Harvard University say digital flashcards are better than regular flashcards. That’s because digital flashcards can do more than just paper: they’re mobile, easily edited, designed and customized. Your daughter can take them just about anywhere AND keep ‘em fresh and fun.

So see what you think:

Flashcards Deluxe lets your daughter 1) make HER OWN flashcards, 2) TRY OUT flashcards that already exist or 3) SHARE her flashcards with everyone!

Quizlet is a special part of Flashcards Deluxe that’s full of existing flashcards to try, from multiplication and geometry to the bones of the body. It’s really cool, incredibly fun and can help to make studying fun — so your daughter can get better grades.


How to get Flashcards Deluxe from iTunes:
1. Click here to go iTunes
2. Simply choose to download the app onto your iPhone, iPad, iTouch or iPod
3. Watch your daughter have fun studying!


Flashcards Deluxe makes STEM studying fun!

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